Workout Ramble

I will be the first to freely admit I have been off my blogging .I’m sorry…. Since seeing Beyonce perform at the Grammys (I DVR’ED IT, and have just seen it. ) Everyone and their mamas have started a “bootylicious workout plan”.

               (everyone saw this)                                                                 (I saw this, no ass)
                        beyonce ass

(And all of that or the lack  of all that caused a nationwide uproar)(side note Jay moves like an old  man)

 Thats right no ass but she looks toned and very healthy. Although I wont give  credit to Beyonce, like I said “I was working out before”. I spend 30 minutes to an hour a day on my main targeted areas  (Lower Back, Butt, and Ab’s). Mostly of my workouts are found on PINTREST I love that site, check me out. Get my workout plan or ask and I’ll do a work out and meal plan that beats Kanye’s.

Currently I’m thinking about seriously learning this crazy ass routine thats got me saying,  “Holy mother have I got to get in shape”.


Some Great Escape

On the tarmac

Flight 1613 To H.Jackson 

Hi there! It’s been long enough. I’ve been M.I.A but I haven’t deserted you. After doing a lot of thinking about the blog and current issues, past issues, recurring issues I had to take a break and fly home. It seemed like everything in my life was going south so I chased it back home to Atlanta, GA. Let me tell you it wasn’t much of a vacation at all. In-fact my only highlight was going to my uncle Deno’s house with my cousin and did a little retail therapy. I’ve failed to meet my own personal goals, Lost my 92 year old uncle Bell, haven’t gone to my dads grave and KB wont talk to me. So I took the duration on my trip to reflect on where I stand with people, life and things that where important to me. When I began putting things in perspective I also made a few discoveries about myself.

More to come….

A No Fail Mission to 2014!

“Hey, you may say it’s a bit late but Im gonna through it on here anyway.”

As it is still January (if only for hours/ maybe minutes…Its 10pm) I feel its still appropriate to prance my ass on here and set forth with goals! I hadn’t really thought of any goals until now; as I have “issues” and recurring people. I started off the year all gung-ho and self-righteous although I hadn’t; had a solid Idea of goals besides I need to make time for ME….Thats right ME. Me, me, me, me Um hello ME! As normally I’m an obsessive compulsive money hoarding greed. Its true, I didn’t make time for myself, ending in a number of breakdowns and stress related hives. (Last year) I’ve been a hard worker since I was 8 (though illegal) but I was my own boss.I’ve decided to sit out this semester (It’s killing me). So heres a few of my goals for 2014.

  1. I will control my emotions!
  2. I will wear more colors! 
  3. I will wear shorts! Image
  4. I will get my nails in shape!
  5. I will “streamline” my mornings!
  6. I will take better care of my skin!
  7. I will trim my hair as needed!
  8. I will bring my lunch to “work”! (When I rejoin the slave ship)
  9. I will stress less!
  10. I will take better care of my clothes!
  11. I will treat myself to at least one indulgence a month!
  12. I will Learn something new!
So there 12 simple changes in my life to make 2014 better than 2013 (one for all the months). I’ll be referring back to this post as I’m on a “no fail mission.” I apologize for the wait, Ive had some trouble login into word press. Hopefully it wont be an issue anymore. 

Queefing 101

Okay, so my last college semester didn’t go so “hot” which lead me to thinking about high school. “What did I do to destress?” I asked myself. It all came rushing back. It was my sophomore year in high school, I’ve never been one to take part in midday physical education class until one year I was given the option to do yoga. I jumped at it perfect I thought. Im a pro! I took gymnastics for 3 years.No sweat, easy A.

Welp some time had past that year and more important things happened… (I lost my virginity) TMI so no tid bits besides he was my summer bf that turned longterm love. Point is I noticed small changes in my body.

So here I am going to my twice a week yoga group in the small gym. Unintimidated by my classmates nor the sketchy instructor who always liked to push and stretch me (as if I wasn’t extended fully, trust me I was) nor was I intimidated by bending my body in unusual positions.

We did our normal meet and greet however our mats lined the wall, shoes were tossed to the side and stretching begin. Downward dog, table top, warrior pose, had passed and then we did (Sirasana) I walked my feet up the wall into a shoulder stand when all of a sudden like a syringe air had filled my who-ha. Still aginst the wall and afraid to come down, my instructor advice the class was coming to an end and we could stay in said position or move into childs pose. As everyone makes move around me I stayed firm “What do I do ?” I eased my way down slow! It had happened what I feared. ”What goes in must come out.” The classmate next to lets out a loud laugh “I heard that Chloe, you just farted!” HAHAHA! Her loud mouth had set in, my lady parts broke wind. I didn’t know if I was more mortified to deny it being a fart or to accept it as that, So I laughed it off as a “fart” completely still mortified. You’re not the first woman to “queef” in front of a manor in a yoga class and you won’t be the last. so the internet told me. I’ve never attended another yoga class again but! Im giving it much consideration to fit it into my schedule.

As this is my first post I’m taking Mish of [] advice from my horribly written email, “You need to first find your voice.” Hopefully I’ll become a more creative writer this year.